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Spend less time planning,
more time creating, and become an

Art Teacher Superstar

The Sparklers' Club gives you everything you need to ignite creativity in the classroom, engage + inspire your students, and end art teacher overwhelm for good.

(Even if you don’t have formal training in teaching or art… you worry that you’re not “creative” enough… and you feel like you NEVER have enough time.)


Quick Question...

Does being an art teacher ever make you feel like an island at your school?

On the good days, teaching art to children is rewarding, fun, and deeply satisfying — and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

art teachers

Awesome “art teachers-only” perks include:

  • Spending your days taking inspiration from the greats — and experimenting with crayons, pastels and paint... yes please!
  • The hi-fives, cheers and adoring stares from students whenever you walk the halls? Never gets old. (Schoolyard celebrity status: check.)
  • That feeling of seeing a young artist’s face light up when they’re engaged, excited, and proud of what you helped them create? It’s like happiness in a bottle.

When you’re in the zone and guiding your students with confidence, teaching art can feel like the ultimate dream job…

But what about those not-so-good days?

Well… let’s just say that
Art Teacher Overwhelm
is a very real thing.

Here are some art teacher struggles you might be facing right now:

  • Trying to help hundreds of energetic students unleash their “inner Picasso” each week … but barely managing to stay afloat with back-to-back classes, ever increasing demands, shrinking budgets… and never enough time in the day to prepare.
  • Being unsure of which lessons are perfect for your students, and which ones are destined to fail (there’s a reason why some art teachers have sworn-off glitter for life).
  • The relentless pressure to create engaging and age-appropriate lessons that inspire students, while also meeting all of your curriculum and standards requirements.
  • Feeling isolated from your peers and that nobody really “gets” what you do each day (or just how hard you work).
  • Lacking confidence and feeling like an imposter — especially if you don’t have formal art training, tons of experience, or teaching credentials. (And even if you do, you still might wonder whether you’re truly doing “enough” for your students.)

It’s hard to inspire creativity in your students when you’re stretched thin and overwhelmed.

I’ve been there myself. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Patty Palmer

I’m Patty Palmer;
the founder of Deep Space Sparkle and an art teacher just like you.

After teaching for 13 years in a public elementary school to over 400 kids, I know the realities of teaching art.

When I first got started as a teacher, I was definitely thrown into the deep end.

It was up to me to know which projects to teach, which supplies to use, and which artists to study.

And, like many art teachers, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best possible teacher for my students:

  • I wanted to help my students learn about the world through art.
  • I wanted to marvel with them at the artists and movements that shaped our culture.
  • I wanted to help them experiment with a range of techniques, tools and approaches.

And, most of all, I wanted my class to feel inspired and have fun!

But no matter how many late nights and weekends
I spent planning and researching, many of my projects flopped.

(Post-impressionism was a total bust with my 7 year olds.)

Other lessons ran over time, or quickly spiraled into a class of restless and disengaged students.

Add in the demands of parent communication, standards and assessment criteria, administration requirements, plus extra duties and more… and I was on a sure path to burnout.

Then, I realized something
that changed everything...

When it comes to art,
kids don’t want education.

They want exploration.

And so, over the next few years, I began to experiment, test and tweak my lessons to match up with how students process art and express their creativity at different ages.

With these lessons, my students couldn’t wait to come to art.

young students painting project

They explored paint, got messy with pastels, found solutions through drawing and gained confidence in their artistic ability.

They created art and proudly showed it off to their parents.

Parents supported my art program by raising funds and setting up the art shows. (In fact, it was all done by parents because they were passionate about keeping my art program at their school.)

… And the best part of all?

I could finally stop wasting my energy on worrying about what to teach next or trying to reinvent the wheel at the start of each week, month, or year.

Instead, my role as the art teacher became focused on getting to know my students through art.

With just a few subtle shifts in how I approached teaching art, I went from feeling exhausted to energized.

I didn’t need to be a seasoned artist, or an experienced teacher (after all, I got my start as a volunteer) or feel creative around the clock...

Because, for the first time, I had a plan for teaching art that worked for me and my students.

And I was FINALLY free from the Pinterest rabbit-hole I seemed to fall down every Sunday night!

You can have this, too. I promise.

(That’s exactly why I created The Sparklers’ Club.)

You can transform your classroom from overwhelming to engaging, without spending hours searching for the perfect lessons for your class.

In the Sparklers' Club — an affordable monthly membership created for K-7 Art Teachers — we’ve already done all the hard work for you.

(From step-by-step art lessons to done-for-you curriculums, and everything in between.)

The only thing left to do is show up and start creating with your students.


This is your special invitation to
join over 20,000 art teachers who have already said YES to…

An affordable and flexible “pay as you go” monthly membership — perfect for anyone who teaches art to students aged K-7.

Get kid-tested (and teacher-approved) step-by-step lesson plans, done-for-you curriculums, and practical support — so you can unleash your students’ creativity in the classroom and become an Art Teacher Superstar.

(Even if you couldn’t draw a stick figure to save your life!)

teachers participating in art

Today is the LAST day you’ll struggle to find balance as an art teacher...

I’m here to help you:

  • Spend more time creating with your students, instead of planning in isolation week after week.
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly how to engage your class with art lessons that are rigorous, inspiring and fun.
  • Win back your free time and reignite your passion and energy for your work.

Here’s exactly what you get each and every month when you become a Sparkler:

Fully Illustrated, Step-by-Step, Grade-Level Lesson Plans

(We call them Art Bundles)

mockup of the materials included in The Sparkler's Club

On the 1st day of each month, we release a new Art Bundle with lessons for grades K-7.

Each Art Bundle contains a selection of standards-rich, fully illustrated step-by-step lesson plans, in keeping with the month’s theme.

For every month that you’re an active member, you’ll receive access to our newest Art Bundle, PLUS 2 Art Bundle “credits” that allow you to unlock 2 additional Bundles from our extensive library (over 145 Bundles and growing).

That means you’ll receive THREE Art Bundles in total every month!

Every lesson plan is aligned with a variety of standards, including I Can Statements, Common Core and NCAS, along with matching assessment sheets for easy grading.

You can follow our brand new done-for-you EASE curriculum each month (more on that below), or simply choose the lessons that catch your eye from our extensive Art Bundle library to build your own custom curriculum!

Each Art Bundle includes…

  • 9+ lessons for grades K-7
  • Slide Decks for lesson introductions and student engagement
  • A checklist for art supplies (that won’t break the bank)
  • Descriptive, full color art instructions
  • Drawing guides and/or templates
  • Extra coloring sheets and/or worksheets for early finishers
  • Artist biographies and posters
  • Student worksheets and answer keys
  • Relevant literacy connections and book lists
  • Many bundles include video tutorials on process and technique to watch ahead of time (or even play during class).

Our Art Bundles give you everything you need to make teaching easy and effortless, no matter how experienced or artistic you are… and no matter which age group you teach.


“I found it very overwhelming to plan developmentally appropriate lessons for my PreK through 5th grade students without working all day and night.

I was getting burned out quickly, and the Sparklers’ Club was the perfect solution.

I can clearly see what I need to prep, and the lessons are open enough that I can make adjustments and allow for differentiation.

It has really made my workload so much easier, and the students love the lessons.

- Courtney Prugh, Fort Worth TX

Introducing our 2023-24 School Year Curriculum…

EASE Art Curriculum + Course Combination

EASE Curriculum Logo
kids showing off their art

Any teacher who has put together their own curriculum knows how tedious and challenging it can be.

And if you’ve ever struggled to map your lessons to standards and plan your year in advance, EASE is about to become your new best friend!

The Exploring Art Supplies through Environments (EASE) Curriculum is Deep Space Sparkle’s newest art curriculum. It combines environment-based art projects with material exploration.

Through 9 environment-themed art bundles, teachers will walk their students through various environments throughout the world focusing on a single medium to develop and grow art skills.

Planning for this curriculum is also made easy with a full, year-at-a-glance project plan, special needs adaptations, master book list and supply list.

Put simply, you’ll never wonder what to teach next again!

We’ve never done this before...

  • Imagine starting the school year developing skills through projects not worksheets….
  • Pairing basic supplies with exciting techniques that amp up engagement and curiosity….
  • …and being able to meet students where they are at instead of worrying about where they should be.

That’s what EASE is all about.


In combination with the art lessons, teachers can access a
to develop their art skills and earn
13 Professional Development hours in the process.

All NEW Members receive the First Bundle (Grasslands) of the EASE Curriculum PLUS the first module of the Art Course (Crayons & Oil Pastels).

PLUS….Members who sign up for our annual plan, receive access to the ENTIRE EASE ART CURRICULUM and ART COURSE!


“A big thank you to the team at DSS for making amazing curriculums and taking that stress off us teachers.

My students have been bouncing around the globe this year doing the GAP curriculum…

Our school community continues to be blown away by the art, and I really couldn't do it without you.”

- Summer Quinones,
Elementary Art Teacher

Plus, memberships give you access to…

Access to Exclusive Art Trainings

Get step-by-step trainings by The Deep Space Sparkle Creative Team. Brush up on your art technical skills, management plans, mindset hacks and more. You'll gain instant access to the entire training library when you join.

Drawing Guides and Templates

How many times have you needed just one drawing guide for a project? Access a library of templates & drawing guides to use right away!

Teaching Resources,
Checklists and Tools

Need a quick Assessment checklist? Artist Worksheets? Posters? Drawing Handouts? We have a huge library of teaching resources available to you at the click of a button.

Special Needs Adaptations

Nothing is harder for a teacher than seeing a child struggle. Our Special Needs Adaptations resource provides practical methods to learning a variety of artistic techniques accessible for all students. From adaptive tools suggestions to new ways of working with familiar materials, our resources will set your students up for success no matter their skill level.

Here’s what our Sparklers
have been creating lately:

When you become a Sparker, you’re not just getting access to
time (and sanity) saving resources, plans and curriculums…

You’re joining a powerful and supportive community of like-minded art teachers (and you’ll never feel lonely again)

The Sparklers’ Club is more than
a collection of art lessons.

We value how teachers feel.

Art educators come from a variety of backgrounds and we make no assumption that we all have the same art philosophy. Or training.

Our goal is to help you find your sweet spot within a community of experienced art teachers, art-loving home-school parents and artists-turned-teachers…

We are an eclectic group that thrives in a judgment-free environment with a healthy sprinkle of artsy inspiration.

We Love Celebrating Sparklers' Success

I'm so happy that I joined this group! The encouragement, tips, and kindness is felt!

Sparklers is a wealth of knowledge and as a teacher (one who loves art), I appreciate the willingness to share it all.

You are all inspiring!

- Brooke Saffle

Join us before registration closes at MIDNIGHT ON August 8th to get exclusive access to these brilliant
Sparkler BONUSES:


Whether you’re brand new to teaching or a seasoned veteran, the beginning of the year always brings excitement and sometimes a little bit of nervousness, too. This guide is designed to get your classroom up and running and to help you successfully navigate those first few weeks of school, including your first meetup with families at your open house.


Our digital art planner is made just for art teachers! It is FULLY customizable to allow you to organize your month, plan your week or daily schedule, format your curriculum, manage assessments, design seating charts, and more…


Start the new school year with intention and a game plan at our Sparklers' Planning Party.

During this interactive 90-minute workshop on August 15th the Creative Team will cover all you need to know to successfully plan with clarity and calm so you can focus more time on your students, and less time making last minute plans about what you need to teach.


Monthly Subscribers:

We know how valuable it is to start teaching actual projects in those first few weeks of school without resorting to worksheets and rules.
Which is why we're giving all new members access to the first bundle of our brand new EASE Curriculum PLUS, the first module of the coordinating art course.
Easy, material based projects that are simple and quick plus an art course to help you learn how to teach them!


When you sign up for a yearly membership to The Sparklers' Club, you’ll also receive INSTANT ACCESS to all 9 Art Bundles from our EASE Curriculum. From the moment you join, you’ll have access to a fully sequenced, standards-mapped curriculum for the entire year!

Plus, you’ll get immediate access to all 9 Art Course Modules with accompanying PD hours.

Monthly subscribers will receive the first EASE Bundle and first Art Course Module right away (Grasslands), and will continue to be able to unlock any two bundles from the Art Library (which the EASE curriculum will be a part of) in addition to receiving a brand new bundle each month.

The digital Art Planner is lit! I use it EVERY WEEK. I like that I can customize it to fit my needs. Who doesn’t like the drag and drop feature, too?

It makes planning so much easier so I can focus on getting other things ready.

These are the things that push DSS over the top.

- Mikey Brooks, Elementary Art Teacher

Win back your time and get everything you need to help students create frame-worthy art with ease:

Choose your membership level below to get instant access to
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  • Our newest art bundle on the first day of every month
  • Two bundle credits on the first day of every month to select art bundles of your choice
  • Video Art Trainings with PD Certificates
  • Library of Teaching Tools & Resources
  • Drawing Guides & Posters
  • Network with your peers in the exclusive Sparklers’ Club Community
  • Discounts on Deep Space Sparkle Workshops
  • Instant Access to all 9 EASE Curriculum Lesson Bundles (72 art lessons + coordinating resources)
  • Instant Access to EASE 9-module Art Course
  • Two months free


per year


  • Our newest art bundle on the first day of every month
  • Two bundle credits each month to select art bundles of your choice
  • Video Art Trainings with PD Certificates
  • Library of Teaching Tools & Resources
  • Drawing Guides & Posters
  • Network with your peers in the exclusive Sparklers’ Club Community
  • Discounts on Deep Space Sparkle Workshops
  • Access to the first module (Oil Pastels + Crayons | Grasslands) in the EASE Art Course


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As a teacher, I know how important it is to invest ONLY in the resources and tools that will give us back more of the most valuable thing we have: TIME.

I created The Sparklers’ Club to give teachers the resources and step-by-step guidance they need to teach art with confidence (even if you’re not experienced or “artsy”)... without spending hours on prep and planning each week.

But if you’re STILL not sure that our Art Bundles and Sparklers-Only resources are going to give you the free time you’ve been missing, along with the support you’ve been searching for…

We want to give you a full 72 hours to explore the resources inside the Sparklers’ Club, take the Art Bundles and EASE curriculum for a spin, and make sure they’re right for you.

If you feel that we haven’t given you everything you need to win back your free time, help your students create frame-worthy art and put together the art program of your dreams…

Then just email us at within 72 hours of your purchase, and we’ll refund your payment in full.

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Ready to join the Sparklers’ Club?

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Login to the Sparklers’ Club website and click on “Start Here” and download the Membership Guide. You’ll learn how to navigate the site and get instant access to your goodies — ready for you to use right away (you’ll never feel the Sunday night “prep” stress again)!

As a reminder, Sparklers receive access to these awesome resources every month:

  • The First Bundle inside the new EASE curriculum (Grasslands) PLUS, the first Art Course Module (Oil Pastel + Crayon)
  • Our newest Art Bundle to include 9+ Grade-Level Lesson Plans with coordinating resources
  • Private, Supportive Online Community
  • Exclusive Art Trainings
  • Special Needs Adaptations for each bundle
  • Drawing Guides and Templates
  • Teaching Resources, Checklists and Tools

PLUS these brilliant bonuses…

  • Art Teachers’ Open House and Back to School Guide
  • Digital Art Planner
  • The Sparklers’ LIVE Planning Party and new member welcome on August 15th
  • Yearly Member Exclusive: Instant Access To The Entire EASE Art Curriculum (Yearly Member Exclusive)

Access from anywhere, at any time of day.

All you need is a computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection to start enjoying all of the Sparklers’ Club perks right away.

Over 20,000 Art Teachers from around the world have already said YES to the Sparklers’ Club.

If you see yourself in any of the points below,
the Sparklers’ Club was created for you!

  • You’re overwhelmed with everything on your plate, drowning in to-dos, and don’t have time to spend hours creating the perfect lesson plans or curriculum… but don’t want to compromise on quality.
  • You want to be certain that your art lessons are engaging, age-appropriate, and rich in standards without compromising on FUN.
  • You’re not a trained teacher or artist, but you make up for it with loads of passion and curiosity… and you just need a little help to become that confident teacher you know you can be.
  • You’re a teacher who doesn’t consider yourself a natural “artist” — and you want the tools and strategies to teach art like a pro and help your students discover their creative spirit.
  • You might be confident in your skills as an art teacher (perhaps you’re a veteran teacher or have an arts degree), but you’re feeling a little “stuck” lately… and you’re ready to breathe new life and energy into your art program.
  • You teach art in a unique setting, like a studio, as a volunteer, or around your kitchen table. You want to save time and get instant access to vibrant lessons that work for you and your students!

With the right support, you CAN teach art with confidence, ignite your creativity, and reclaim your precious time.

Sparklers are a diverse bunch. But the one thing we do have in common?

We care!

  • We care about bringing creativity into the classroom (without sacrificing all of our free time or sanity to make it happen).
  • We care about creating a fun and supportive environment for students that is equal parts engaging, educational and fun.
  • We care about helping everyone embrace art and explore their creativity — no matter their background, experience or prior training.

If you want to teach art, make art, and
live a more creative, happy life…

Then you’re already a Sparkler at heart.

All you need to do is join us:

“I have been an artist and a teacher for 32 years. But when I began teaching art to elementary students, I realized how different it was. After swimming through Pinterest and Google, I finally found The Sparklers Club, and it turned out to be a life saver.

I wasn’t scared and I didn’t have to worry anymore.

The team shares so much information and ideas that can go straight into the classroom (or used as triggers for your imagination)!”

~Kimberly V.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got A’s to your Q’s!

The Sparklers' Club is a subscription-based membership. This means that you pay monthly (or yearly) to access content via the exclusive Sparklers' Club website.

You receive the newest Art Bundle in your account on the 1st of every month PLUS credits to "unlock" two additional Art Bundles of your choice from our extensive library. The K-7 lessons are offered as a PDF to download or access through the site. You also receive immediate access to all of our teacher aids, training videos and PD hours, guides, assessment sheets, etc.

Monthly membership is $38 per month. Yearly membership is $379/year.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter. Both the yearly and monthly plans are protected by our three-day satisfaction guarantee. We've got you covered!

We accept major credit cards and paypal for your subscription. Many teachers have been successful getting their school or district to pay. We even offer volume discounts for schools or districts looking to provide resources for multiple teachers. You can email us at if you need an invoice or quote. We recommend purchasing a plan yourself while registration is open and we can refund you once your school submits the payment for your account. You can also use Artsonia Funds to purchase your Sparklers' Club membership. Go to the Artsonia website and request to transfer the funds to Deep Space Sparkle. Memberships are $38/month or K-7 $379/year-please send funds in these increments. Once your membership is set up, we will contact you with your login details within 72 hours.

Our membership is designed for teachers in the Art Room, Classroom, or Homeschool. If you teach art in an after-school program, community center, private classes in your home or at a summer art camp, you may use the lessons inside The Sparklers' Club with a few considerations - You can use our materials for your private art classes in any physical location where you are meeting with children in person. You may not use Deep Space Sparkle resources for online teaching as a business entity. We don't allow use of our copyrighted images, videos or branding graphics in any (paid or otherwise) promotional materials. This includes your website, social media, flyers, etc. -- You may not change or alter our copyrighted lesson plans, art resources or any downloaded PDF to reflect your business or personal name. -- You may not sell or redistribute our resources to your customers or any other individual or group. -- If you post your student's results on your business website or social media, you must acknowledge Deep Space Sparkle and give credit to Deep Space Sparkle and/or the Sparklers' Club as the lesson creator.

Reach out to our Sparkly Support Team at and we will be happy to help you!

A final word from Patty

Here’s what I wish someone had shared with me on my first day as an art teacher:

  • You don’t need to clone yourself if you want to get everything done (let’s leave the experiments to the science teachers) or start each week feeling like there’s always too much on your plate.
  • You don’t have to keep searching and scrolling through Pinterest or Tik-Tok for hours each week to find the perfect lesson plans for each of your classes, cross your fingers and hope it works out (or spend hundreds on supplies each month)

  • You don’t need to be an incredible artist with decades of experience to create standards-infused, technique-rich and culturally significant art with your students.

    You just need the right supplies, the right technique, and the right lesson for the right age group (and a little practical support along the way).