Spend less time planning, more time creating and become an ART TEACHER SUPERSTAR!

Spend less time planning, more time creating and become an ART TEACHER SUPERSTAR!

The Sparklers Club gives you everything you need to ignite creativity in the classroom, engage + inspire your students, and end art teacher overwhelm for good.

(Even if you don’t have formal training in teaching or art… you worry that you’re not “creative” enough… and you feel like you NEVER have enough time.)


Quick question…
Does being an art teacher ever make you feel like the black sheep of your school? On the good days, teaching art to children is rewarding, fun, and deeply satisfying — and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

AWESOME “art teachers-only” perks include


  • Spending your days taking inspiration from the greats — and experimenting with crayons, pastels and paint... yes please!
  • The hi-fives, cheers and adoring stares from students whenever you walk the halls? Never gets old. (Schoolyard celebrity status: check.)
  • That feeling of seeing a young artist’s face light up when they’re engaged, excited, and proud of what you helped them create? It’s like happiness in a bottle.

When you’re in the zone and guiding your students with confidence, teaching art can feel like the ultimate dream job…

But when reality sets in? Let’s just say that Art Teacher Overwhelm is a very real thing.

  • Trying to help hundreds of energetic students unleash their “inner Picasso” each week … but barely managing to stay afloat with back-to-back classes, ever increasing demands, shrinking budgets… and never enough time in the day to prepare.
  • Being unsure of which lessons are perfect for your students, and which ones are destined to fail (there’s a reason why some art teachers have sworn-off glitter for life).
  • The relentless pressure to create engaging and age-appropriate lessons that inspire students, while also meeting all of your curriculum and standards requirements.
  • Feeling isolated from your peers and that nobody really “gets” what you do each day (or just how hard you work).
  • Lacking confidence and feeling like an imposter — especially if you don’t have formal art training, tons of experience, or teaching credentials. (And even if you do, you still might wonder whether you’re truly doing “enough” for your students.)

It’s hard to inspire creativity in your students when you’re stretched thin and overwhelmed....BUT, what you do is VITAL.

You're in a unique position to inspire and grow students imagination, confidence and critical thinking skills...

... and you get to help students…  

🚀 Think critically about art 

🚀 Express themselves through art-making

🚀 Learn and appreciate cultures and communities

🚀 Develop confidence through decision and choices

All of which helps lay the foundation for art appreciation and creative expression that will flow into all aspects of their lives.

Let's ditch the overwhelm and trade it for something a little more satisfying this year….

We help teachers just like you develop a strong foundation of art in your art room—a place where the process is the focus, and the experience is the product. 


If you're ready to provide each student with clear inspiration and direction, save precious prep time, enjoy your nights and weekends, and get back to loving life again…

Then we invite you to join us inside:

Housing the world’s premiere art teacher support tools and training.

The Sparklers’ Club is the only online platform offering art teachers a comprehensive collection of full-length instructional lessons, standards-rich curriculums, and integrated teaching resources tailored to meet your art program needs, month after month.

Here’s a Statistic That Will Make Your Art Room Sparkle

When surveyed, Sparklers listed these as the top benefits of the Membership:

  • Age-appropriate lessons
  • Having their year organized and planned
  • High student engagement


What’s included in your monthly subscription:

1. 30+ Artfully crafted, step-by-step lesson plans each month...

Three Art Bundles each month for grades K-7

We release a brand-new, theme-based art bundle with customized teaching resources each month. 

We take into consideration every step of delivering a lesson…entry transition, lesson intro, step-by-step instructions, drawing guides, wrap-up and all the standards your admin requires.

You’ll receive the new Art Bundle on the 1st of each month, PLUS credits to “unlock” two additional Art Bundles of your choice from our extensive library.

That’s over 30+ detailed lessons each month!

We’re excited for all of the creative possibilities for you. ✨

2. Access to 3 set-up for success curriculums

Fully scoped and sequenced curriculums

Inside, you’ll gain access to the planning documents of three yearly, done-for-you K-7 curriculums: the newly updated Epic Curriculum, Global Art Passport Travel Curriculum, and the video-based Art Through the Ages Curriculum.

Our Set-Up for Success Art Curriculums offer a clear path of skill-building lessons, admin-pleasing standards and everything you need to teach art effortlessly and with unbounded creativity.

3. Your new favorite teacher community

There are many art teacher groups, but there's none quite like The Sparklers' Club.

Inside the group, you'll gain a wellspring of encouragement and support as you navigate your way through the school year. Our diverse community is made up of teachers from all over the world...each with different perspectives, teaching styles and talent.

Peer-to-peer takeaways and a wealth of shared art teacher knowledge to light the way.

4. Illuminating art trainings with Clock Hours

Access to exclusive art trainings

Feeling a little unsure about how to teach a clay unit or what a Gelli Plate is?

Our art trainings help expand your knowledge of art techniques while collecting much needed Clock Hours. The more you know, the easier teaching becomes.

5. Weekly emails, digital art magazine and support to design your week and get back in control

Each Sunday, we send a special letter to your inbox to help you start the week with clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of energy.

And each month, we send you a digital copy of Sparkle magazine…designed for our members with relative content, calendars and member stories each month.

We’ll help you design your week with intention and be right beside you so you can beat the Sunday blues.

It’s your Sparkly sidekick to help you shine throughout the week.

77% of Sparklers reported that they found gathering, planning, and prepping lessons challenging before joining The Sparklers' Club.

All of our lessons are designed around Deep Space Sparkle's special recipe that are guaranteed to meet students where they are at...

Ingredients for your wildly successful lessons include:

Allow us to pull back the curtain of our world famous art bundles…

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are fully illustrated, step-by-step tutorials designed with lesson intros, about the artist sections, visual material lists, teacher timeline and all the details you need to teach art whether it’s your first or 100th time.

“Sparklers' Club is having expert art lessons at my fingertips. I have the flexibility to change an art lesson within minutes and still hit national and Common Core Standards. It allows me to spend more quality time with my students and my own family.”

- Breck Moorefield, PreK-4th Grade Art Teacher

Plus ...


Every art bundle is aligned with national standards, including I Can Statements, Common Core, and NCAS, with customized assessment sheets and rubrics for easy grading.

This means your curriculum will meet grade-level standards full of content connected to other disciplines, allowing a transfer of knowledge for greater student understanding.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so your creativity can shine and you can win back your weekends and weeknights.

“Having never formally taught before, the Sparklers’ Club has been a huge help. The standards, the instructions, and the tutorials make it so easy to teach and helps keep my administration well informed when I’m planning”

- Pritika Vaswani Dutt, Atelier Art Teacher

Slide Decks + Resources

Lessons include extras like teaching slides (slide decks) and questions to spark conversation with your students and engage them in thoughtful critique.

Keep your early finishers happy with these additional exercises and supplemental worksheets to support your instruction.

Multiple drawing guides and idea sheets eliminate extra work for you plus gives your students ways to make their art their own.

“Can I just say how in love I am with the Slide Decks for each lesson 😍 This is something I can really use daily in my class. You guys really knocked the Contemporary Hispanic Bundle out of the park!!!!”

- Emily Marie Kalmon, PreK-5th Grade Art Teacher

“My favorite resource is the digital planner. I use it EVERY WEEK. I also like that I can customize it to fit my needs. It makes planning so much easier so I can focus on getting other things ready.

All the teaching aids, posters, coloring pages, slide decks, the Sparkler Magazine… These are the things that push DSS over the top. They are the reasons I’ll continue to be a member.”

- Mikey Brooks Stephenson, K-6th Grade Art Teacher

Variety + Choice

We have an incredible variety of lesson plans for almost any topic you can imagine, all beautifully organized so you can find what you need fast.

Sort by technique or topic to build your lessons (or even your entire art program) around what you love, what’s happening in our world and a variety of choice and representation not seen in other programs.

“The Sparklers Club offers such a wide range of lessons and provides all the tools I need to be a successful art teacher.

The projects are engaging and really build a solid foundation in not only art techniques, but art history as well. I love how dynamic and diverse all the bundles are.”

- Megan Aguilar, Texas Art Teacher

“Before I joined, I was feeling overwhelmed and had no clear plan of where to begin. I needed help, guidance and structure.

It’s reassuring to know that if a day is disrupted or a lesson doesn't work, I can hop online and grab a Sparkler lesson that will be a hit.

And I love the community - I can hop on to ask others how they solve problems instead of reinventing the wheel.”

- Rebekah Dedrick, Sparklers’ Club Member

I was getting burned out quickly and the Sparklers’ Club was the perfect solution. I can clearly see what I need to prep and the lessons are open enough that I can make adjustments and allow for differentiation. It really has made my workload so much easier and the students love the lessons.”

- Courtney Prugh, K-5th Grade Art Teacher

Here are 3 more ways the rest of your school year just got easier.

Our digital art planner is made just for art teachers! The planner is included with your monthly membership.

It is FULLY customizable to allow you to organize your month, plan your week or daily schedule, format your curriculum, manage assessments, design seating charts, and more...

Each month, the DSS team adds lesson plan "stickers" from our newest bundle with embedded links for you to drag and drop into your planner each month. This allows you to simply click on any lesson and open it inside your membership. Easy peasy.

Our UPDATED EPIC 2.0 Curriculum is a skill-building, sequential journey through the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Art Through The Ages is a video-based curriculum that explores art through the lens of your favorite time periods and artists through history.

Our GAP Curriculum takes students on a journey to cultures, community, and art-making through 7 regions of our world.

All curriculums include student learning objections, planning materials and guides, book lists, supply lists, and more.

The planning materials and all resources are available for ALL members….unlock the curriculum lesson bundles each month using your monthly credits — or join our annual subscription plan to receive the entire EPIC 2.0 curriculum instantly!

It's a membership that pays for itself many times over.

There are SO many ways to connect with your students, build a community of support and allow yourself the freedom to teach with an ease you never experienced before…

We provide the teaching resources so that YOU can create art room magic.

✨ You can use our lessons and resources as a foundation for your creative ideas and tweak them to suit your needs

✨ Keep us in your back pocket as your secret sidekick for fail-safe planning and “go-to” lessons when you need a helping hand…

✨ Or simply let us do all the planning for you for the entire year – so you can keep your creative energy high and take back control of your time.

Whichever path works for you.

We’re on a mission to create space for you to do what you do best.


Choose your membership level below to get instant access

MONTHLY subscribers receive the following, including these special 2022 enrollment bonuses:

  • Our newest art bundle on the first day of every month  
  • Two unlocks each month to select art bundles of your choice. (Unused “unlocks” will roll over to next month)


  • Anytime access to our Art Trainings 


  • Planning Documents & Resources for all Art Curriculums 


  • Library of Teaching Aids Resources 


  • Drawing Guides & Posters 


  • Invitation to The Sparklers’ Club Private Community 


  • Discounts on Deep Space Sparkle Workshops


  • The Open House Guide
  • Early Finishers Bundle


🔒 Secure checkout | VISA Mastercard Discover and American Express. $USD

YEARLY subscribers receive the following, including these special 2022 enrollment bonuses:

  • Our newest art bundle on the first day of every month 


  • Two bundle credits each month to select art bundles of your choice. (Unused “credits” will roll over to next month)


  • Anytime access to our Art Trainings 


  • Planning Documents & Resources for all Art Curriculums 


  • Library of Teaching Aids Resources


  • Drawing Guides & Posters 


  • Invitation to The Sparklers’ Club Private Community 


  • Discounts on Deep Space Sparkle Workshops


  • All 14 EPIC Curriculum Lesson Bundles (112 art lessons + coordinating resources)
  • The Open House Guide
  • Early Finishers Bundle

$379 / YEAR ($31.50 per month)

🔒 Secure checkout | VISA Mastercard Discover and American Express. $USD

Here’s a recap of what you get when you enroll:

Everything included in your membership is completely online. Access from anywhere, any time of day.

All you need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection to enjoy all The Sparklers’ Club perks immediately.

I’m Ready To Become a Sparkler Today


The Sparkler’s Club is my new found family. In most schools, there’s only one art teacher. Life can be lonely.

The Sparkler’s Club offers so much encouragement. I love the different lesson bundles from countries around the world. There’s a plethora of resources. I love everything about the Sparkler’s Club.”

- Frankie Mixon, Art Teacher of 20+ Years

Allow us to brighten your day with this time-saving tidbit

When surveyed, Sparklers saved BIG TIME each week planning their curriculum.

“As an art teacher, it’s almost impossible to find the time to do ALL the things! I have 750 students and I felt like I was rushing all the time.

The Sparklers’ Club does all the planning for me so I can spend time engaging and making connections with my students. The membership is very organized and complete with worksheets, standards, vocabulary and more.

Everyone loves the displays in the hallway and I don’t have to work on weekends to get my job done anymore!”

- Jennifer Dahl, Elementary Art Teacher


EPIC 2.0

Elements. Principles. Integration. Curriculum.

One of the most streamlined planning strategies for helping your students build a foundation of art skills all year long and throughout the grade level is to follow the ELEMENTS of ART and PRINCIPLES of DESIGN.

If you're ready to s t r e t c h your students' imagination while developing essential art skills, then you'll LOVE what our Elements and Principles Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) offers...

Our EPIC 2.0 Curriculum focuses on a curated arrangement of foundational lessons that build on the child's skills through the year and throughout their grade levels.

There’s never been a better time to teach your students the foundations of art.

Every student, from the budding kindergarten artist to the more advanced seventh grader, will learn and apply the element or principle through art-making while gaining experience in a variety of art media.

Scaffolding skills allow you to teach each lesson tailored to your student's ability which helps them feel successful. You select the pre-planned lessons (or adjust to your liking) that allow students to move to the next level of art-making.

We’ve embedded these sequential skills into dynamic and standards-rich lessons for you so you can focus on teaching your students instead of creating the skills-building puzzle on your own time.

Each Element or Principle Bundle includes:

8 Art Projects for K-7

that are curated and carefully selected projects per grade level that not only aligns with age-level skills but introduce artists, cultures, emotions and engaging subjects.

Introduction Video(s)

that explains key concepts of the elements and principles for students in a quick, visually engaging way.

Multiple interactive slide decks

that identify key learning opportunities that students can respond to before starting their projects.

Objectives and Standards

to include students and teacher assessments, I Can statements, Common Core, NCAS.

Lesson plan covers

designed to display material requirements, grade level and time requirements so you can select lessons quickly.

Teacher Guides

that link to resource connections, early finisher options and Kahoot assessments so you have a customized teaching plan for each lesson.

Elements and Principles Posters

designed to illustrate art concepts that are understandable to a child and informational for you.

Sketchbook Pages

that gives students a place and opportunity to reflect and record their learning about each element and principle before beginning the lesson.

Year-at-a-Glance Project Plan

The project plan is your guidebook through the curriculum. It outlines important learning objectives, art techniques, and the time each lesson will take to complete in one quick look.

🌟 How do you benefit?

You'll spend less time planning and MORE time connecting and engaging with your artists. Just watch how they bloom this year.

You're in good hands.

The past few years have been rough but this school year looks promising.

With EPIC 2.0, we’re giving you the map and the plan so you can go at your own pace this year. There’s no need to rush or compare yourself to others.

These resources are designed by our creative team of former K-12 art teachers for you. They know the challenges and changing educational climate you are facing in the art room.

Here’s your permission to slow down, take a step back, and meet the children where they are at.

The EPIC curriculum has helped give me a great framework to plan out my year. The projects are really vibrant and relevant to things children are drawn to.

The projects are great and I love how all the objectives and I CAN statements are done for me. It makes lesson planning so much easier and I appreciate how the projects use materials that I normally have in my art room as well.

The Sparklers’ Club saves me a TON of time and stress!

- Margot Tan, Sparklers’ Club Member Since 2016

Special 2022 Bonuses

We’re throwing in these extra bonuses that will guide you to a relaxed school year where you’ll build a structure inside the art room and produce students who feel confident and proud of their work.

It’s the sparkly sundae with a cherry on top full of fun and engaging resources.

Bonus 1:
Instant Access to all 14 Art Lesson Bundles from our EPIC 2.0 Curriculum (Value: $910)

Yearly Subscribers

Yearly subscribers will receive INSTANT ACCESS to all 112 Art Lesson from our UPDATED EPIC Curriculum. From the moment you join, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a fully sequenced, standards-mapped curriculum for the entire year.

That’s 112 lessons to start dropping into your new art teacher planner straight away.

Bonus 2

Quick Activities for Early Finishers Bundle
(Retail Value $65)
for Yearly and Monthly Subscribers

Ready to eliminate end-of-class panic?

From a stack of coloring sheets to art games designed for 5-minute fun, this bundle offers ideas for setting up your art room for those early finishers and gives you all the activities needed to keep your art room calm.

Immediate access upon registration.

Bonus 3

The Open House Guide (Retail Value $25)
for Yearly and Monthly Subscribers

Feeling pressure to create a beautiful art room for back-to-school night when your students haven't creating anything yet?

Inside this guide, you’ll save time and easily communicate with parents with our pre-written art program letters, What I’ll Learn This Year Posters, plus bulletin board ideas and collaborative art projects to get your art room "sparkle-ized" for Open House night!

Immediate access upon registration.

We’re teachers, too - which means we understand how important it is to invest in the resources and tools that will give us back more of the most valuable thing we have: time!

That’s why we’re giving you a full three days to explore the content inside The Sparklers’ Club and make sure it’s the right fit for you and your art students.

If it’s not a fit, just email us at support@deepspacesparkle.com within three days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your payment in full.

Who is The Sparklers’ Club for?

No matter how long you’ve been teaching, we’re here to help you handle the hard stuff that gets in the way!

New Art Teachers

Get “how-to” support as you find your groove this year with fun and engaging projects for your students who are learning and growing as little artists.

Mid-Career Art Teachers

You may already be in the swing of things with your lesson plans and knowledge of art room management, but you’re ready to get support with planning so you can bring your best self to the art room and help your students be creative and grow as persons through art.

Veteran Art Teachers

You’re confident in your skills as an art teacher, but you’re feeling a little “stuck” lately.

It’s time to breathe new life and inspiration into your art program and renew your creative energy!

Classroom Teachers

Perhaps you’re a teacher who doesn’t consider yourself a natural “artist,” but you’re excited to unlock your creative spirit with your students.

You want the tools and strategies to teach art like a pro and help your students explore the world around them so that you can create together with confidence.

Sparkly Side Note: GAP and EPIC are designed to help teachers integrate engaging art into their curriculums, even when your minutes are cut short.

Volunteers and Home Educators

You teach art as a volunteer or around your kitchen table.

You want to save time and get instant access to vibrant lessons and curriculum that work for you and the children you teach!

From the Sparkly Studios
in the Deep Space Sparkle Headquarters:

As a former art teacher,

I understand your desire to build an art room experience that allows all students to thrive. 


But the realities of the past couple of years have introduced disruptions that no amount of teaching experience prepared you for.  It’s my hope that you give yourself permission to peel away the stress and create new energy in your class


You are a creative, talented teacher and you already have the skills needed to deliver your dream art program, if only...


….you had more time

… a plan for success

… the support for when days get tough 


The team at Deep Space Sparkle is here to be your guide, to provide the resources that eliminates the time-consuming work of piecing together curriculums OFF your plate so you spend MORE time doing what you do best: 


Helping each child express themselves through art.

Together, our team will help you achieve your goals with a beautiful and engaging curriculum that's a solid, comforting path for both you and your students.


Sparkle on,

~ Patty


Founder & CEO, Deep Space Sparkle

Meet Team Sparkle

Founded in 2009 and based in Santa Barbara, California, we are a woman-majority owned and run business. Our mission is to uplift art teachers through original, intentional and rigorous curriculums and offer the sparkly support to help you implement it in your art room.

Our team is made up of:

  • Master teachers who follow a lengthy research and design process to curate lessons and curriculums
  • Graphic designers who make everything sparkle
  • a publishing team to deliver bundles in time (74 months and counting of on-time delivery!)
  • A video team who create engaging art videos, tutorials and trainings (no iphone filming here!)
  • Tech whizzes who make the magic happen each day
  • A support team whose only mission is to put you first….

And now, it’s our honor to welcome you into The Sparklers’ Club. We can’t wait to see you thrive on your journey to becoming the art teacher you know you can be.


We've got A's for your Q's

How does the membership work?

The Sparklers' Club is a subscription-based membership. This means that you pay monthly (or yearly) to access content via the exclusive Sparklers' Club website.

Lessons are created within a set theme and are released as a BUNDLE. This allows you to teach multiple grades within a set theme. A new Art Bundle is added each month to our extensive Art Bundle library (over 125 Bundles and counting, which also now includes our COMPLETELY REVAMPED EPIC 2.0 Curriculum)

Your membership allows you to unlock up to TWO new Art Bundles each month, in addition to the NEW Art Bundle we release to all members each month → that’s THREE Art Bundles and over 30 art lessons each month!

The lessons in each Art Bundle include Common Core standards, I Can statements, visual art standards and assessments.

The lessons are offered as a PDF lesson plan to download or access through the site. Each lesson has a supply list, objectives, detailed instructions, standards and assessments and often instructional videos.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter.

Both the yearly and monthly plans are protected by our three-day satisfaction guarantee. We’ve got you covered!

What are the differences between the curriculums and how do I access them?

EPIC is a 14 Bundle curriculum for K-7 that combines the elements of art and principles of design into a fully sequenced and done-for-you art program. You can follow it to the letter or use it as a starting point and substitute your own lessons as you wish.

All supplemental materials needed to teach each lesson are already made for you, including SLIDE DECKS, introductory VIDEOS for each bundle, DIGITAL QUIZZES, POSTERS and printable SKETCHBOOKS that will make teaching the elements of art and principles of design effortless.

Planning for this curriculum is also made easy with a full, year-at-a-glance PROJECT PLAN, SPECIAL NEEDS ADAPTATIONS, MASTER BOOK LIST and SUPPLY LIST. Yearly members will receive the entire EPIC curriculum unlocked as a bonus when they join.

Art Through The Ages is a done-for-you roadmap for teaching young artists how art has progressed throughout the centuries. It is a 10-bundle, video-based art curriculum for grades K-7.

Each bundle contains full length video tutorials for teaching the lesson directly to the students and includes all planning documents, posters, teacher tips and prep pages.

The Global Art Passport Curriculum is a done-for-you roadmap for teaching young artists about the unique and amazing world we live in through fun and engaging lessons. It is for grades K-7 organized into 7 Bundles. Each Bundle contains 15 LESSON PLANS (2 each for K-6, plus 1 lesson plan for 7th grade). Each lesson has an accompanying SLIDE DECK to help students explore a region of the world and learn important art elements and principles.

Start the year off with creating individual PASSPORTS that students can use to document their travels and as a place to collect their PASSPORT STAMPS.

The GAP Curriculum also includes teaching resources such as WORKSHEETS, BOOKLISTS, SUPPLY LISTS, REGION FACT SHEETS and TRAININGS.

I only teach one grade level. Would the Sparklers' Club be right for me?

Our K-7th grade membership encompasses all grades, but that doesn’t mean you need to use all the lessons. While we pride ourselves in developing lessons that are grade-level appropriate, you may find that your students need a lesson that is geared towards a younger or older audience. The various lessons in the membership offer this option.

Can I use The Sparklers' Club lessons in my brick and mortar art studio?

If you have a fictitious business name and operate as a business with employees, you may not use any Deep Space Sparkle materials or teachings in your branded business. This is for your benefit and growth of your business.

We encourage and cheer on all studio-owners because we know that when you bring YOUR creativity to your business, you will soar.

Do you offer refunds if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

Yes. If within the first 72 hours after enrolling in the monthly membership you decide that The Sparklers' Club isn’t right for you, you can request a refund.

Contact us at support@deepspacesparkle.com

You can also cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter (unless you decide to enroll again next time we open registration).

How do I use my Artsonia funds to pay for my membership?

If you would like to use Artsonia Funds to purchase your Sparklers' Club membership, you will need to go to the Artsonia website and request to transfer the funds to Deep Space Sparkle. K-7 monthly memberships are $38/month and K-7 yearly memberships are $379/year. Please send funds in these increments. Once your membership is set up, we will contact you with your login details within 72 hours.

Can I just subscribe to certain months?

Enrollment to The Sparklers' Club membership happens twice a year (January and August). You can cancel anytime and rejoin during the open enrollment periods.

As long as you remain an active member in good standing, your monthly fee won’t change or increase, even if the price increases for new members.

If you should cancel (and you certainly can at any time) and choose to join us again later, you will be charged the updated fee.

I teach private classes in my community. How will the membership work for me?

If you teach art in an after-school program, community center, private classes in your home or at a summer art camp, you may use the lessons inside The Sparklers' Club following the conditions below:

- You can use The Sparklers' Club lessons in your private art classes in any physical location where you are meeting with children in person.

– You may not use Deep Space Sparkle resources for online teaching as a business entity.

– You may not post our copyrighted images, videos or branding graphics in any (paid or otherwise) promotional materials. This includes your website, social media, flyers, etc.

– You may not change or alter our copyrighted lesson plans, art resources or any downloaded PDF to reflect your business or personal name.

– You may not sell or redistribute our resources to your customers or any other individual or group.

– If you post your student’s results on your business website or social media, you must acknowledge Deep Space Sparkle and give credit to Deep Space Sparkle and/or the Sparklers' Club as the lesson creator.

Can I get an invoice so my school can pay for this?

Yes. Many teachers have been successful getting their school or district to pay. Sometimes it comes out of a Professional Development (PD) budget, sometimes from other places including PTA and PTOs.

You can email us directly at support@deepspacesparkle.com to request an invoice or a template of a letter of support to share with your administrators.

Another option is to start with a monthly plan, then later upgrade to yearly when the school or district is ready to reimburse you. This is the best way to get enrolled now while registration is open and get started with all the great membership material. Then you can upgrade from a monthly to yearly plan when your school is on board.

Either way, many teachers have found that the monthly expense is well worth the time they save and the support they receive. Give it a try with our 72-hour money-back guarantee and see!

Do you offer volume discounts for multi-membership purchases?

Yes. We offer schools the chance for group memberships or a Staff Pass. Please contact support@deepspacesparkle.com for assistance.

Art Teachers, no matter what your situation looks like (or how it might change this year), we believe that students thrive when YOU are well-resourced, supported, and freed up to be your best and most creative self.