Your special invitation to The Sparklers Club has arrived...

Spend less time planning, more time creating, and become an Art Teacher Superstar

The Sparklers Club gives you everything you need to ignite creativity in the classroom, engage + inspire your students, and end art teacher overwhelm for good.  

(Even if you don’t have formal training in teaching or art… you worry that you’re not “creative” enough… and you feel like you NEVER have enough time.)  


Does being an art teacher ever make you feel like the black sheep of your school? On the good days, teaching art to children is rewarding, fun, and deeply satisfying — and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Awesome “art teachers-only” perks include:

  • Spending your days taking inspiration from the greats — and experimenting with crayons, pastels and paint... yes please!  
  • The hi-fives, cheers and adoring stares from students whenever you walk the halls? Never gets old. (Schoolyard celebrity status: check.)  
  • That feeling of seeing a young artist’s face light up when they’re engaged, excited, and proud of what you helped them create? It’s like happiness in a bottle.

Well… let’s just say that Art Teacher Overwhelm is a very real thing.

Here are some art teacher struggles you might be facing right now:

  • Trying to help hundreds of energetic students unleash their “inner Picasso” each week … but barely managing to stay afloat with back-to-back classes, ever increasing demands, shrinking budgets… and never enough time in the day to prepare.  
  • Being unsure of which lessons are perfect for your students, and which ones are destined to fail (there’s a reason why some art teachers have sworn-off glitter for life).  
  • The relentless pressure to create engaging and age-appropriate lessons that inspire students, while also meeting all of your curriculum and standards requirements.
  • Feeling isolated from your peers and that nobody really “gets” what you do each day (or just how hard you work).  
  • Lacking confidence and feeling like an imposter — especially if you don’t have formal art training, tons of experience, or teaching credentials. (And even if you do, you still might wonder whether you’re truly doing “enough” for your students.)

It’s hard to inspire creativity in your students when you’re stretched thin and overwhelmed.  

I’ve been there myself. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

After teaching for 13 years in a public elementary school to over 400 kids, I know the realities of teaching art.  

When I first got started as a teacher, I was definitely thrown into the deep end.  

It was up to me to know which projects to teach, which supplies to use, and which artists to study. 

And, like many art teachers, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best possible teacher for my students:  

  • I wanted to help my students learn about the world through art.  
  • I wanted to marvel with them at the artists and movements that shaped our culture.  
  • I wanted to help them experiment with a range of techniques, tools and approaches. And, most of all, I wanted my class to feel inspired and have fun!

But no matter how many late nights and weekends I spent planning and researching, many of my projects flopped. 

(Post-impressionism was a total bust with my 7 year olds.)  

Other lessons ran over time, or quickly spiralled into a class of restless and disengaged students. Add in the demands of parent communication, standards and assessment criteria, administration requirements, plus extra duties and more… and I was on a sure path to burnout.

 I wanted to feel on top of my to-do list and stop taking work home with me every evening...  

And that meant I needed a plan that made sense — not just for my lessons, but for my entire year. 

It was time to stop feeling like a last-minute magician pulling rabbits out of a hat each week...  

I was done with the Sunday night scramble. I wanted more fun and flow instead. 

So I began to experiment:  

I tested and tweaked my lessons to match up with how students process art and express their creativity at different ages.  

And I put all this together into an art program that captivated my students and played off my personal strengths.  

We explored with paint, got creative with pastels, found solutions through drawing and grew confidence in our artistic abilities together...  

With these lessons, my students couldn’t wait to come to art…  

And I couldn’t wait to teach them.  

  • My art room began to hum with creativity… instead of the usual chaos and mess.  
  • I was calmer than I’d ever felt… because I didn’t have to choose between eating lunch or prepping for the next batch of kids.  
  • Instead of tossing their half-finished work into the nearest trash can, my students were creating funky, one-of-a-kind art… and proudly showing it off to their parents, week after week…  

And because I finally had an engaging curriculum that hit all the required learning objectives, standards, assessments and more…  

People began to take notice.  

  • My colleagues started to see that art class was about so much more than “play time”...  
  • Teacher observations needn't be so nerve-wracking, because I knew had a plan for teaching art that worked…  
  • Parents even supported my art program by raising funds and setting up the art shows — all because they were passionate about keeping my art program at their school.


I could finally stop wasting my energy on worrying about what to teach next or trying to reinvent the wheel at the start of each week, month, or year.

Instead, my role as the art teacher became focused on getting to know my students through art.  

With just a few subtle shifts in how I approached teaching art, I went from feeling exhausted to energized.

I didn’t need to be a seasoned artist, or an experienced teacher (after all, I got my start as a volunteer) or feel creative around the clock...  

Because, for the first time, I had a plan for teaching art that worked for me and my students.  

And I was FINALLY free from the Pinterest black hole I seemed to get sucked into every Sunday night!  

You can have this, too. I promise.  

(That’s exactly why I created The Sparklers Club.)

You can transform your classroom from overwhelming to engaging, without spending hours searching for the perfect lessons for your class.

We’ve already done all the hard work for you.  

(From step-by-step art lessons to done-for-you curriculums, and everything in between.)  

The only thing left to do is show up and start creating with your students. 

This is your special invitation to join over 5000 art teachers who have already said YES to… 

An affordable and flexible “pay as you go” monthly membership — perfect for anyone who teaches art to students aged K-6.  

Get kid-tested (and teacher-approved) step-by-step lesson plans, done-for-you curriculums, and practical support — so you can unleash your students’ creativity in the classroom and become an Art Teacher Superstar.  

(Even if you couldn’t draw a stick figure to save your life.)  

I’m here to help you:

  • Spend more time creating with your students, instead of planning in isolation week after week.  
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly how to engage your class with art lessons that are rigorous, inspiring and fun.  
  • Win back your free time, get the support you need and reignite your passion and energy for your work.

The Sparklers Club is an all-in-one lifesaver for art teachers who want to feel more organized, inspired and in control.  

After supporting over 30,000 teachers from around the world, we know a thing or two about what it takes to help art teachers and their students thrive...

We call it The Special Sparkle System:


Get off the Pinterest hamster wheel and unlock new levels of creativity with your students. Balance rigor with exciting new ideas that work — no matter what your classroom looks like. 


Effortlessly create an art program that plays to your strengths, builds on learning objectives, and gives your entire year a serious sense of creative freedom, fun and flow. 


Who said art had to be lonely? Tap into unlimited inspiration, celebrate wins with a supportive crew of teachers like you, and get answers to your stickiest art teacher questions. 

Here’s exactly how we’ll help you and your students SPARKLE, each and every month: 

Fully Illustrated, Step-by-Step, Grade-Level Lesson Plans (We call them Art Bundles) 

On the 1st day of each month, we release a new Art Bundle that includes lesons for grades K-6.  

Each Art Bundle contains a selection of standards-rich, fully illustrated step-by-step lesson plans, in keeping with the month’s theme.  

For every month that you’re an active member, you’ll receive access to our newest Art Bundle, PLUS 2 Art Bundle “credits” that allow you to unlock 2 additional Bundles from our extensive library (over 80 Bundles and growing).  

That means you’ll receive THREE Art Bundles in total every month (enough for a full month of lessons).  

Every lesson plan is aligned with a variety of standards, including I Can Statements, Common Core and NCAS, along with matching assessment sheets & grade level rubrics for easy grading. 

You can follow our done-for-you EPIC and Art Through The Ages curriculums each month (more on that below), or simply choose the lessons that catch your eye from our extensive Art Bundle library to build your own custom curriculum!  

Wondering what’s inside an Art Bundle? 

Each Bundle Includes:

  • 9-15 lessons for Grades K-6 (ages 5-12)
  • A checklist for art supplies (that won’t break the bank)
  • Descriptive, full color art instructions
  • Drawing guides and templates
  • Extra coloring sheets and worksheets for early finishers
  • Artist biographies/slidedecks and/or posters
  • Student worksheets and answer keys
  • Book lists
  • Plus, our new Art Bundles will often include video tutorials on process and technique to watch ahead of time (or even play during class).  

Our Art Bundles give you everything you need make teaching easy and effortless, no matter how experienced or artistic you are… and no matter which age group you teach

“The best part about the step-by-step art bundles are the notes on where to start and tips to share with students. Ever since we started using the Art Bundles, my students’ confidence has grown and they’re beginning to use their own intuition and creative flair (rather than just following the steps).” 

~ Hannah C.

“As a second year art teacher, The Sparklers Club has helped me create higher quality lessons that appeal to a broader range of students. Having resources like the clay bundle or Mexican Art bundle gives me the confidence to venture outside of my comfort zone. 

As a result, my students have discovered many different artists from around the world and many different ways to make art. I feel that this style of teaching better reflects the creativity and diversity of my kids.  

It also allows me to spend more time and energy on building relationships with my class, and less time on lesson planning!" 

~ Erin R.  

“The bundles have saved me SO MUCH TIME!!! It’s SO worth getting my evenings and weekends back now that my lessons are done for me. I too am on a tight budget… it’s all about choices and priorities. For me, the cost and time saved is well worth it!”  

~ Jannette L.

See what other sparklers are saying

Get unbeatable support for every stage of your art teacher journey with the private Sparklers Club Community  

You’ve got gorgeous lessons, endless inspiration, and a pitch-perfect plan for the year…  

The only thing missing?  

A special place just for you.

No art teacher should be an island. We’re on a mission to give you everything you need to shine.  

The Sparklers Club community is your safe place to celebrate, get advice, find ideas, and discover solutions to your trickiest art teacher problems.  

Whenever you need it.  

"Before I joined the Sparklers Club, teaching art was so lonely! After so many years of teaching, I felt like my lessons were getting stale and I had no support. But then I became a Sparkler! Being part of this group, sharing ideas, having the amazing lessons and this whole community has given me a brand new sense of joy and enthusiasm that I had when I first started teaching." 

~ Pea S.

"Before the Sparklers Club, I felt so alone, and I doubted my worth as a teacher because I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Now, I have a large family inside The Sparklers Club — and it’s filled with love, support, encouragement." 

~ Robin T.  

"Last March, I went in for my first Art teacher interview, and they unexpectedly asked if I could teach 5-7 year olds. I smiled and said yes because I had The Sparklers Club magic in my back pocket!  

Being a member gave me the confidence I needed in a low part of my life. I joined for the lessons and the teaching, but I had no idea I would find a family here as well." 

~ Laura A.

"I am so glad I joined The Sparklers Club — it’s been almost 3 years! I knew I would get great bundles, lessons and ideas, but had NO idea the FB group would be so amazing!  

There is such willingness to share ideas, techniques as well as serious challenges teachers face. I had no idea I would be so inspired by all the trainings and precious art that has been shared here. You have made me a better teacher." ~ Gloria M.


Your Sparklers Club membership also includes… 

Sparklers Club only trainings that include PD hours!

Here’s what our Sparklers have been creating lately:

Ready to choose your own art adventure?  

With anywhere-access, your next great idea is just a few clicks away. 

If you’re short on time and in need of a crowd-pleasing lesson (or two) in a pinch, The Sparklers Club is here for you when you need it, wherever you need it. 

Simply login from your internet connected computer, tablet or phone and find what you need with ease.  

Or if you prefer a little more flexibility, plenty of our Sparklers use our resources as a starting point for their own creative planning process.  

With hundreds of organized lessons, 2 curriculums, and countless exciting ideas at your fingertips, the Sparklers Club will give you structure, set your creative mojo on fire and shave hours off your planning time — every single week.  

"The Sparklers Club gives me an edge and a blueprint to teach meaningful art lessons with integration of other subjects."  

- Melissa Palmer 


"The Sparklers Club gives me peace of mind — it’s the complete package."  

 - Katie Agnew 

"I'm always looking for inspiration, fresh ideas and best practices…. The Sparklers Club gives me a treasure trove of lessons at my fingertips!"  

- Meg Carte 

You’re protected by The Sparklers’ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a teacher, I know how important it is to invest ONLY in the resources and tools that will give us back more of the most valuable thing we have: TIME.  

I created The Sparklers Club to give teachers the resources and step-by-step guidance they need to teach art with confidence (even if you’re not experienced or “artsy”)... without spending hours on prep and planning each week.  

But if you’re STILL not sure that our Art Bundles and Sparklers-Only resources are going to give you the free time you’ve been missing, along with the support you’ve been searching for…  

We want to give you a full 72 hours to explore the resources inside the Sparklers Club, take the Art Bundles and done-for-you curriculums for a spin, and make sure they’re right for you.  

If you feel that we haven’t given you everything you need to win back your free time, help your students create frame-worthy art and put together the art program of your dreams…  

Then just email us at support [at] within 72 hours of your purchase, and we’ll refund your payment in full.  

No hassle, no strings attached.  

YEARLY MEMBERS: Intant access to the entire EPIC Art Curriculum

When you sign up for a yearly membership to The Sparklers Club, you’ll also receive INSTANT ACCESS to all 12 Art Bundles from our EPIC Curriculum. That's 168 lessons to start using right away.  

From the moment you join as a yearly member, you’ll have access to a fully sequenced, standards-mapped curriculum for the entire year which now includes all 12 lesson bundles. No unlocking necessary.

Your K-6 Monthly Membership includes:  

  • 1 Brand NEW Art Bundle each month (9-12 NEW art lessons, Video TRAININGS, Drawing Guides, Teacher Slide Decks, Student Worksheets)
  • 2 Additonal Unlocks for any TWO bundles in our Bundle Library (each and every month!)
  • Access to a full LIBRARY of art teacher resources
  • Access to TEACHER TRAININGS with PD hours
  • Discounts on many Deep Space Sparkle online workshops
  • Access to private Sparklers-only Facebook Group


$34 per month

Your K-6 YEARLY Membership includes:  

  • SAVINGS of $6 per month ($28 per month pay in full)
  • 1 Brand NEW Art Bundle each month (9-12 NEW art lessons, Video TRAININGS, Drawing Guides, Teacher Slide Decks, Student Worksheets)
  • 2 Additonal Unlocks for any TWO bundles in our Bundle Library (each and every month!)
  • Access to a full LIBRARY of art teacher resources
  • Access to TEACHER TRAININGS with PD hours
  • Discounts on many Deep Space Sparkle online workshops
  • Access to private Sparklers-only Facebook
  • BIG EPIC BONUS! Yearly subscribers get immediate access to ALL 12 EPIC Curriuclum LESSON BUNDLES. Value: $780   

Here’s what Sparklers are saying:

"The Sparklers Club has helped me become an art teacher that kids and parents want! When I started teaching in 2007, I used all the books I was supposed to, but it just lacked something.  

Inside The Sparklers Club, Patty shares her ability to make art fun and build lessons with multiple layers of creativity. I’ve learned how to take a lesson up several notches so kids can create something very special!" 

~ Susie E.  

"One of the main reasons I joined as a first-year teacher was to focus more of my energy on classroom management and not lesson planning. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel! The Sparklers Club took a load off my shoulder and reduced my stress significantly!"

~ Kristin D. 

"The Lessons inside The Sparklers Club make things so much easier. Planning doesn’t take so much time and with 4 kids of my own, the lessons have streamlined my life.  

I love that the lessons are broken down with visual steps, I love the videos, the handouts, the writing components, the standards.  

With The Sparklers Club, I feel more focused and organized. I have told all my family and friends to join — it has truly changed my life."  

~ Sonia L. 

"I use to struggle to put lessons together that worked for all of me 1st-6th grade classes. The bundles streamline this for me. I only teach part time, but I used to spend so many hours prepping at home. Now, I don’t have to do that.  

The lessons are easy to follow. The supply list is on point with using my budget the best of my ability — and the kids LOVE the lessons!"  

~ Michelle E. 

Ready to join the Sparklers Club?

Here’s what to do next:

Step 1: Select your membership type (yearly or monthly) click “Join Now” and follow the prompts to complete your payment.  

Step 2: Check your inbox for your welcome email, which contains the link to the private Sparklers Club website and your membership dashboard (this is where you’ll go to download all of your monthly resources). 

Step 3: Login to the Sparklers Club website and follow the pop-up tour for a quick walkthrough of how to navigate the site and get instant access to your goodies — ready for you to use right away (you’ll never feel the Sunday night “prep” stress again)!

As a reminder, Sparklers receive access to these awesome resources every month:

  • Grade-Level Lesson Plans
  • Done-For-You Curriculums
  • Exclusive Art Trainings
  • Drawing Guides and Templates
  • Teaching Resources, Checklists and Tools
  • Weekly Members-only Emails
  • The Sparkle Magazine
  • Spotlights and Support
  • Private, Supportive Online Community
  • Access to me (Patty) for Feedback

Access from anywhere, at any time of day.  

All you need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection to start enjoying all the Sparklers Club perks right away.  


With the right support, you CAN teach art with confidence, ignite your creativity, and reclaim your precious time 

Here’s what some members love MOST about being a Sparkler…  

"What I love most about the Sparklers Club is having more time! It takes the guesswork out of teaching art." 

~ Britain E.

"I love the objectives. Now, I have more direction in my planning, and the kids understand what I’m doing and why. It’s a HUGE confidence builder."

~ Stephie M.

"With The Sparklers Club, I’m so much more confident! I love knowing that I have access to amazing lessons that are creative, colorful and different." 

~ Debbie L.

"Joining The Sparklers Club has given me peace of mind. New lessons, connected ideas, targets/objectives done for me and knowing that it will all work out!" 

~ Gloria M.

"Joining The Sparklers Club has given me peace of mind. New lessons, connected ideas, targets/objectives done for me and knowing that it will all work out!" 

~ Kellie D.

Sparklers are a diverse bunch. But the one thing we do have in common? We care!  

  • We care about bringing creativity into the classroom (without sacrificing all of our free time or sanity to make it happen).  
  • We care about creating a fun and supportive environment for students that is equal parts engaging, educational and fun.  
  • We care about helping everyone embrace art and explore their creativity — no matter their background, experience or prior training.  

If you want to teach art, make art, and live a more creative, happy life…  

  All you need to do is join us: 

“I have been an artist and a teacher for 32 years. But when I began teaching art to elementary students, I realized how different it was. After swimming through Pinterest and Google, I finally found The Sparklers Club, and it turned out to be a life saver.  

I wasn’t scared and I didn’t have to worry anymore. Patty shares so much information and ideas that can go straight into the classroom (or used as triggers for your imagination)!”  

~ Kimberly V. 

“My biggest struggle is feeling competent in teaching art, since I have no formal training and do not consider myself artistic. It means so much to me to have the lessons, tools and tips and tricks that make me LOOK competent, even when I might not feel that way.”  

~ Michael G. 

“After 10 years as an art teacher, I needed a push and some new ideas. Since becoming a Sparkler, I have a renewed drive for teaching art!”  

~ Lexi C. 

“The Sparklers Club makes art approachable for me! I’m a homeschool mom of 9 kids and now it’s easy to have successful lessons every time — because you’ve already done the planning tell me just what I need. Thank you!”

~ Tristan R. 

“I’ve been teaching art for 15+ years. The projects from our district’s adopted curriculum are not aesthetically pleasant and take way more time than they give us. But with The Sparklers Club, I can choose from units on Artists, Countries, Media, Seasons, Holidays… they are so many different ways to present the content.  

The artworks turn out great. The kids are engaged, even when they’re “done” (because of the coloring pages that come with the Bundles for early finishers). They have fun.  

The Sparklers Club has simplified my Art Teacher Life.” 

~ Tammera W. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sparklers Club is a subscription-based membership. This means that you pay monthly (or yearly) to access content via the exclusive Sparklers website.

Lessons are grouped by artist or theme and are released as a BUNDLE. A new art Bundle, trainings and art resources are added each month to our extensive Art Bundle library (over 90 Bundles and counting, which also now includes our EPIC & Art Through The Ages Curriculum!)

Your membership allows you to unlock up to TWO new art bundles each month, in addition to the NEW Art Bundle we release to all members each month → that's 3 Art Bundles in total each month!

The lessons in each Bundle include Common Core standards, I Can statements, visual art standards and assessments.

The lessons are offered as single PDF lesson plans to download or access through the site. Each lesson has a supply list, objectives, detailed instructions, standards & assessments and often instructional videos.

EPIC is a 12-month curriculum for K-6 that combines the elements of art and the principles of design into a fully sequenced and done-for-you art program. You can follow it to the letter, or use it as a starting point and substitute your own lessons as you wish.

Each month of EPIC focuses on a separate element or principle (Line & Pattern, Shape, Color, Contrast & Emphasis, Movement & Rhythm, etc).

Like all of our Art Bundles, EPIC is grouped by age level: K-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Each month of EPIC is available as a separate bundle (12 total) to unlock inside the membership.

Art Through The Ages is our brand new video-based art history curriculum for K-7. Just like EPIC, Art Through The Ages grouped by age level and available as a separate bundle (10 total) to unlock inside the membership using your monthly credits.


You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter.

Both the yearly and monthly plans are protected by our 3-day satisfaction guarantee. We've got you covered!

Absolutely! Our membership offers lessons for grades K-6.

Simply pick the level that's right for you.

Yes. Many teachers have been successful getting their school or district to pay. Sometimes it comes out of a Professional Development (PD) budget, sometimes from other places including PTA and PTOs.

There are a couple of options when a school or district is willing to pay. We don't take Purchase Orders for subscriptions to The Sparklers Members Club, but in many cases, the school will reimburse you.

Email us at for a Letter of Support that you can download and edit, then to give to your administration.

You can also email us directly at to request an invoice.

Another option is to start with a monthly plan, then later upgrade to yearly when the school or district is ready to reimburse you. This is the best way to get enrolled now while registration is open, and get started with all the great membership material. Then you can upgrade from a monthly to yearly plan within 2 months after signing up.

Either way, many teachers have found that the monthly expense is well worth the time they save and the support they receive. Give it a try with our 72-hour money-back guarantee and see!

Studio owners make up 25% of our total enrollment. Members have been able to share what works for them in their studio plus offer support on common problems they experience.

Patty often answers questions pertaining to running a creative business, too!

You don't need to teach art in a specific setting to benefit from the members club. If you teach art to elementary-age school children, there's a place for you in the Sparklers Club.

Please note: the membership is designed to support ONE art teacher, studio owner or teacher. If you have more than one franchise or location, you'll need to purchase the appropriate number of memberships.

Although you may cancel at anytime, membership registration only happens a couple of times a year (January and August).

Your monthly fee won't change or increase for as long as your membership remains active -- even if the price increases for new members.

If you should cancel (and you certainly can at anytime) and chose to join us again later, you will be charged the updated fee, as we typically increase the price of the membership once or twice a year.

One new art Bundle is added each month. The membership art bank grows each month. As a member, you can choose TWO Bundles each month from the library plus all members receive access to the new Bundle we add each month (for 3 Bundles in total).

The benefit of the yearly membership is that it's very cost effective to sign up for yearly pricing

Also, school districts are far more likely to fund yearly memberships. (Plus, you only pay for 10 months instead of 12.)

Yes. We offer schools the chance for group memberships or a Staff Pass. Please contact for assistance.

Yes. If after the first 72 hours after enrolling you decide that The Sparklers Club isn't right for you, you can request a refund.

Just contact us a

You can also cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will remain active for the current month, and you will NOT be billed for the next month, or any month thereafter (unless you decide to enroll again next time we open registration).

A final word from Patty… 

Here’s what I wish someone had shared with me on my first day as an art teacher:

You don’t need to clone yourself if you want to get everything done (let’s leave the freaky experiments to the science teachers) or start each week feeling like there’s always too much on your plate.  

You don’t have to keep searching and scrolling through Pinterest for hours each week to find the perfect lesson plans for each of your classes, cross your fingers and hope it works out (or spend hundreds on supplies each month).  


You don’t need to be an incredible artist with decades of experience to create frame-worthy art with your students.  

You just need the right supplies, the right technique, and the right lesson for the right age group (and a little practical support along the way).

With The Sparklers Club, you’ll never have to navigate through the maze of planning to find the perfect lessons for your students.  

You’ll never have to worry if your lessons are “good enough” to inspire creativity in your students or rigorous enough to meet the required standards (and you won’t have to choose between the two).  

Sparklers often tell us that they feel more creative and inspired with our lesson plans and resources by their side.  

This is your permission slip to say no to planning stress and yes to more time exploring art and creativity with your class.  

My mission is to help you experience more fun, more freedom, and more space to create something spectacular.  

I hope you’ll join us!