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Join me for a free workshop to explore different preparation techniques so you can get to the level of calm and consistency you crave (while still leaving a bit of space for art room magic).


Inside this live class, you will...


Discover our strategy that cuts creation time by up to 80% while still delivering exciting and engaging projects that light up any young artist.


Learn our time-saving framework to get your class up and running in 5 minutes or less. With this work-like-magic tool, you’ll avoid art teacher overwhelm and begin painting your way confidently through the day.


Use this 60-second simplicity formula for evaluating any project inside your classroom. A little gem like this provides all the required details your administration wants while still allowing your creativity to flourish.

Grab Your Notebook and Meet your Host

Patty Palmer,

Founder of Deep Space Sparkle

After teaching for 13 years in a public elementary school to over 400 kids, I know the realities of teaching art. 

When I first got started as a teacher, I was definitely thrown into the deep end. 

It was up to me to know which projects to teach, which supplies to use, and which artists to study. And, like many art teachers, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best possible teacher for my students.

After years of testing and tweaking my process for creating an art program that engaged and challenged my students, I finally started to relax and enjoy the teaching process. 

Now I want to share my process and teaching secrets from successful art teachers with you!

Join me
LIVE during one of my free workshops, where I’ll share 3 Must Have Strategies for a Stress-Free Art Program that you can implement for the year ahead, and I’ll show you how it works.

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